30 Aug 2011

Blast from the Past! no.2

Another part of history. This time models from Games Workshop, all for Warhammer 40k.

No one expects Spanish Inquisitor!

For some time I am doing  MASSIVE Sisters of Battle Army, over 160+ models, currently one of latest batches is on the desk. I hope soon whole army will be ready to show you. Conversions are done himself by client. By now some examples :




Death Cult Assassins

and core troops ..


28 Aug 2011

Blast from the Past!

Over many years of I have painted hundreds of miniatures. Maybe even tousands. In this "Blast from the Past" series I will present works that are worth to remember.
For the beginning three works picked out from dozens done for Ian Newbold and his Newbold World .

 Shamrock :

Ming :

and Mystic :

There would be more miniatures from Newbold World for sure.

27 Aug 2011

still more Khador..

.. and it is not all. Today next pictures of models from yesterdays "family" photo.
First Widowmakers, painted 3 years ago and only slightly refreshed now. They were published in CoolMiniOrNot Annual 2008, you can see them on CMON   here 

Next model is Manhuntress. It will be in team with Manhunter, which is waiting for finishing touches and varnishing before taking pictures

 Companion for pair of Manhunters will be Yuri the Axe ..

Biggest force in number will be 14 Assault Kommandos, including two Leaders. One of them you can see below. They will be operating in two separate units

And last, one of two warjacks - Kodiak

Stay tuned, this is not all ;)

26 Aug 2011

3..2..1.. here we go!

Hello and welcome on my blog. Here I will post my latest works as well as previous ones.
For the beginning Part of Khador army from Privateer Press that is currently on my desk. Models are almost done, I only need to finish bases and maybe some final touches..
A family portrait (click image for bigger version) :

and close up for casters :

This is some sort of experimental post, I am working on layout of the blog and trying to manage all the options so forgive me any mistakes.