19 Oct 2011

Blast from the Past! Ork Big Mek

This time Ork Big Mek from Games Workshop. Painted over two years ago. He gave me Silver Trophy in single SF category on the Slayer of Daemon Competition 2009, predecessor of Hussar Competition, biggest painting comp. in Poland. About 30 hours of work if I good remember. At this moment best model I have ever painted, I think. Other people think the same, according to CoolMiniOrNot rating, check here .

6 Oct 2011

Newbold World

This time three models painted for Ian Newbold and his Newbold World. I paint for Ian over 4 years already. In most cases I need to fit in specific colour scheme. This time I had to copy colours from two pictures done by Cindy Dukino and paint third model in similar colours like one of the models done some time ago. Here are the effects...
First Lady Azurkina :

Second one is Lord Verminous (on the right), team mate of Lord Porker painted over two years ago..

..and third one is Lord Dingle ..

 Those three models jumped between Khador models which I am finishing right now. Whole Khador army should be ready next week, I hope.

3 Oct 2011

Morrdha Vampire - another take

Quick photo of the same model from previous post. This time focused on the model itself, not on the light and background. and a little test, both pictures are in my coolminiornot gallery roght now, we will see which one will be judged better :)