7 Nov 2011

Fully painted Khador army

At last! The army is completed. Some other, more important projects interupted my schedule so it took two months to show you final pictures. Advantage is that during this time the army "earned" a display stand. I have also managed to take better pictures, showing colors more accurately. Black background and daylight seems to work better showing hues of red. If you want to vote feel free to visit my CMON gallery, there are all of pictures showed below.
bigger pictures show after click ;)
here we go :

Markov Kovnik:

Iron Fang Uhlans:



Drakhun, mounted and dismounted version:

Assault Kommandos:


Yuri the Axe:

Manhunter and Manhuntress:

and three warcasters.
Vladimir Tzepesci:

Kommandant Irusk:

and Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff:

Display base is simple, it is rather unplanned bonus ;)
colors may look a bit strange on some of the pictures, it is hard to make good pictures of such big thing.

If you want to see even more pictures feel free to visit my  picasa album:

Picasa Gallery

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  1. Yaro! nareszcie wziąłeś 4litery w troki i zrobiłeś sobie porządną promocyjną stronę :)