4 Sep 2011

Blast from the Past! no.3

Today three models from three different manufacturers, GW, Rackham and Newbold World

First Anastasiya Timofiyeva from Rackham's AT-43 system. Those are originally prepainted models, but as you can see there is no problem to repaint them. Here is link to CoolMiniOrNot.

This one is Brother Stern from Games Workshop, and link for his picture on CoolMiniOrNot here .
He was third in his category on Master of Imagination 2010 painting competition. You can see all entries at the competitions page http://maddays.pl/moi2010.html

Last one is miniature from Newbold World, Wizard Naismith sculpted by .. Bob Naismith. Miniature is in 48mm scale.

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