29 Sep 2011

Blast from the Past : Morrdha, Vampire Mage from Reaper

Almost exactly one year ago I have painted this miniature as a gift. Rather quick paintjob, done in one day. He is taking part in Ian's Newbold Reaper competition.
Two different backgrounds, but I think, that the first one is better. Probably because of better fit of base.
Text in the book says:
A.D. 2010"
Red letters makes  "VIESNA", nickname of my girl ( well .. almost. actualy it is Wiesna)
This is line from Dante's "Divine Comedy" and means : "The banners of the king of Hell advance"


4 Sep 2011

Blast from the Past! no.3

Today three models from three different manufacturers, GW, Rackham and Newbold World

First Anastasiya Timofiyeva from Rackham's AT-43 system. Those are originally prepainted models, but as you can see there is no problem to repaint them. Here is link to CoolMiniOrNot.

This one is Brother Stern from Games Workshop, and link for his picture on CoolMiniOrNot here .
He was third in his category on Master of Imagination 2010 painting competition. You can see all entries at the competitions page http://maddays.pl/moi2010.html

Last one is miniature from Newbold World, Wizard Naismith sculpted by .. Bob Naismith. Miniature is in 48mm scale.

2 Sep 2011

not enough ?

Today almost everything that left to show for the Khador army. Actually on the desk there are Uhlans and Kovnik. I hope I will manage to finish them before end of the week. Until then, rest of the models :

Manhunter - third part of the trio, along with female version and Yuri. Bad sculpt in my opinion - weak proportions and sculpt of arms, but I've tried to cover it up somehow.

.. and picture of his back ..

Drakhun - in two versions, mounted and on foot. It is not easy task to achieve exact look on both models..

closer look on the dismounted version ..

and mounted one ..

Behemoth - I'll curse the day when I assembled him. Lots of mold lines to clean and he looks so impressive on the picture on the box, pacing, on one foot. Privateer Press forgot to add a note "don't try it at home". Model is heavy, 320 grams (easily more than half pound), and when you want to stand him on one foot only almost all of this weight rely on one joint between hip and leg. Impossible to do only with glue or epoxy putty. No problem! I always use a lot of pins, almost everywhere I can. When you do models for gaming purposes it is mandatory. It is better to spend more time once, before painting, especially to high level, to avoid surprises unpacking your army in pieces before tournament. But here one wasn't enough. On this one I've used two pins in parallel,on this particular joint. One was simply to weak to hold this mass. If I good remember there are a dozen or so total on this model. At least he is steady as he looks and for sure he will survive every journey. "haters gonna hate" he says ;)

Assault Kommandos - 14 men in total, including two Captains. 

And once more closer look for one of them..

For all of you that like this army there are good news - it will be listed on ebay soon. It was her destiny when this projected started more 3 years ago, but now I had enough time to finish it. So keep an eye on it, doesn't matter if you are interested in buying it or not. There are few models still more to come as well as finishing bases - they will not be so simple ;)